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The personal blog of a 20-something Haligonian. I identify strongly with the phoenix, and I am quite interested in local history, particularly the Halifax Explosion and the Titanic. I also enjoy scifi and fantasy way too much, and this blog shows how wide my range of interest can be in that regard.

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It shows that I’ve been working this particular job long enough that I walk out after a shift and I’m covered in white sticky stuff, and not even notice anything is different.

This is where I mention that I work at A Friendly Neighbourhood Soft Serve Ice Cream shop.

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So… I may have started playing Ocarina of Time again…

Pure awesome.

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While I would have liked to have been making money today (double time and a half, yo), spending time in the sun was a good option too. Even if it meant I resembled my nation’s flag at the end of it all.

I’ve been fighting a little depression lately. Things are not unmanageable yet, but my next few days will be super important to get things right.

It doesn’t help that it was hot as hell at work (you’d think an ice cream shop would be cool inside), and my fun-to-play D&D character had his funeral last night. I guess it’s a good thing that my gaming group liked Slappy the chaos gnome bard well enough that we roleplayed said funeral.

I don’t know. Feeling funny.

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Fíli #10 or Black Widow #14?
Fili and Kili #10 please

Kili looks obscenely angry in that last one.

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Felt too restless to wait for the bus to take me to Dartmouth, so I decided to walk there. It’s no hardship, since I’m not on a strict timeframe and it’s really nice out.

Birthday is starting out well, it seems.

That moment when a misspoken word takes on a life of its own.

One of my fellow D&D players tried to say “moccasin” and ended up saying “macockasin”. It gave us 5-6 hours of solid entertainment.

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I saw The Fault in our Stars tonight, I am reminded about why I liked this romance narrative over any other romance narrative, in that the romance is not the be-all-end-all of the story, and that life goes on when romance goes south.

I can relate to that.

(I think I may be hard hearted though, since the only time I got misty-eyed was my single womanly tear during the pre-funeral scene)

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