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The personal blog of a 20-something Haligonian. Lately I have been very interested in MCU, The Hobbit, and my perennial favourite, cat memes. New into my nerdly mix has been me playing Dungeons and Dragons, and with the new edition that has come out, I will be posting my shenanigans as both a player and a DM.

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I think taking a hiatus from my Dragonlance campaign this week was one of the better decisions I’ve made in a while. I’ve been getting behind on my workout schedule, and the fall is always a risky time for me getting debilitatingly sick. D&D is something I truly enjoy doing, it’s a great portion of my “stay well” plan, but it’s not everything.

I will be back full-force next week though! And there’s still me playing in the local Adventurer’s League!

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It’s like someone was working really hard on trying to make the most offensively annoying race possible. I think it’s a success.

Clearly someone has never read Dragonlance. Kender are the best thing ever.

Having both read Dragonlance and DMed several campaigns in Krynn, I can safely say that kender are amazing to read, but are an insta-headache to try to DM. Also why they are an NPC only race when I’m running things.

I’m finally playing 5e! I’m playing a bard with a charlatan background. My
DM already wants to kill me.

This Saturday, I’m actually going to be playing 5e instead of running it! I’m quite looking forward to sinking my teeth into a character. I tend to play bards, and the 5e bard looks especially nice. So here comes Nylara, a half-elf bard whose charlatan background makes her a little bit of a loose cannon!

So apparently planning loosely worked really well for the vast majority of the party. Instead of having to swarm Haedric the Tank Dwarf in the slums of Palanthas, he and Tari the half-elven druid are hunting down rogue Zeboimites. Cartory the dwarven cleric is networking, and the two most predictable ones are being predictable.

I also ran Zojja the gnome’s Test of High Sorcery. I have also found out that Gelatinous Cubes are most fun from a DM’s perspective when dealing with primarily melee characters, so that section of the test was boring. The next portion of the Test was testing the devotion to the art, and that part ended up being hilarious. Since Zojja is a tinker gnome (and has to spend an hour each day tinkering on his mini golem), I set up a choice between an epic level spellbook and an epic level tinkering tool set. The spellbook was titled “Fizban’s Font of Fanciful Frivolity, featuring Fireball! (and other fun stuff)”, and was complete with a flipbook animation of the effects of Featherfall in the corner. The tools I described as something from Reorx’s forge, and something that the god himself would use. The look on Zojja’s player’s face when I described the tools was hilarious.

Finally, I got the guy playing Simon, the damage fighter, to help me with the last part of the test. As one of the paths for a 5e fighter is Eldritch Knight, I told him to upgrade to as if he was level 4 on that line, since they can cast spells. Needless to say, Zojja did not fare well: Simon rolled well, Zojja didn’t. I had to pull a Deus Ex Machina, and while the gnome lived, it was at a price. I have yet to figure out the full consequences of what that means, but in the moment, Zojja’s natural Constitution modifier went from +3 to -2, and is an unwilling ardent. But I will figure that out.

Let it be known that my party is going to be wandering around Palanthas while their mage is taking the Test, and that I am TERRIFIED. 

I don’t know what to plan, except for the dwarf who ran off immediately to the slums.


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"I’m the DM. If I say it’s a couch, it’s a couch. Even if it looks like a warship."

Random thought for the night: If Zola was able to access the internets, he could have backed himself up somewhere after the events of CA2. What if Zola is the Rising Tide?

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I has a Monster Manual. I am happy.

I am eagerly awaiting it here in Australia. I’ve had a read through the book and feel instantly in love with it!

My boyfriend had trouble tearing me away from my Monster Manual, but he’s a D&D nerd too, I think he’s jealous that I have one and he doesn’t haha.

I has a Monster Manual. I am happy.